Galaxy Medical is a privately held medical device company based in San Carlos, CA, that is dedicated to developing disease-modifying therapies for patients with cardiac arrythmias. Formed by Apple Tree Partners, a healthcare-focused venture capital firm based in New York, Galaxy is building a portfolio of technologies to address the needs of the electrophysiology community.

Galaxy’s 4 pillars of PEF therapy combine to give physicians a next generation ablation tool that provides the highest level of safety and efficacy.


This proprietary wave is the culmination of 6 years of research.


CENTAURI™’s constellation energy delivery scheme gives physicians control, allowing a tailored approach in all areas of the heart.


GALAXY believes that gas bubbles are emboli and are always undesirable. GALAXY has designed WAVE1 for safe and effective delivery of PEF. Our goal is a safe and effective delivery of PEF with Zero Bubbles.


CENTAURI™ uses monopolar PEF delivery for lesion control.